Tuesday, 20 September 2011

South London

A weekend well spent in the south of the capital. Started in Balham, where we bumped into most of the family, ate curry and drank wine. Rose early on Saturday to babysit little Ella who is nearly two and completely gorgeous. Such a lovely disposition, she's happy and chatty with anyone.
Then to Lewisham for lunch, fab fajitas made by Andy and were entertained by Lucy in her lovely garden, shivering and sipping cider. We went for a stroll through Lewisham high street, losing the boys to the pub as we stocked up on cheap tops and I felt thirteen again. I love hanging out with Lucy, I feel so like me, but more carefree. We all then went to The Ravensbourne Arms, a cool pub with ping pong, books and board games. We opted for Taboo, and stayed long enough to stay a bit too long, making us late to meet more friends.
Hopped on a bus to Brixton, where Vanessa was waiting in her new house with a lasagne in the oven. We were well looked after, and had to tear ourselves out of our seats to get to Hootananny's, a laid back pub with live music and a very Bristol feel; where we bounced around to music, caught up with yet more friends and fought fatigue until an acceptable hour arrived in which we could go home to Vanessa's and sleep.
Rising lusciously late on Sunday we ate a posh breakfast in the garden and played scrabble until home time. With many good friends now living around the Tooting area, I don't think it'll be long before we're back to this part of London.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Cheltenham Lido

Cheltenham Lido is a wonderful place.
I am a huge fan of outdoor swimming and have been meaning to visit Portishead Open Air Swimming Pool for a long time now, but when I finally had a free day in which to do so, which was sunny enough to enjoy in an outdoor pool, the person I was going to swim with, and who was to drive, suggested Cheltenham Lido instead.
Eventually, after attacking housework and all the other things which hold up a Sunday, we got there at 4pm, and dived straight in. It was glorious. Heated, long (at over 50m) and lovely. The grounds are green, with a cafe at the end, the decor is quite refined, and the atmosphere is of good old fashioned fun.
I sincerely wish Bristol had a lido. One you can afford to swim in I mean, so that discounts the Clifton one. If I could, I'd swim outdoors all the time, as I just love cold water, fresh air and exercise.
After 30 lengths we got out, showered, ate chips and headed home, feeling healthy, happy and tired.