Saturday, 24 March 2012


We trudged through a muddy field in the dark to get to The Plough for Fran and Chris' 30th birthdays. It wasn't far to go, but I wasn't to know that, having never done it before, so I found it a little disconcerting when a horse came galloping towards us. It was stopped by the electric fence though, and we soon emerged onto a quiet road on a starlit night.
After a few drinks in the pub we headed off into the night again, breaking the silence of Holford's lanes on our route to the cottage, which was once the Village Hall. The rest of the evening was spent chatting and relaxing in the cosy living room.
The next day, between the heavy showers, was bright and clear. We spent Mothers Day afternoon walking in Crowcombe, which was just heavenly. The air was clear, the views panoramic and nature all around us was waking up to the warming sun.
We saw newts and their spawn, lizards, buzzards and deer, all to the tune of the skylarks song and the sweet smell of gorse. As we looked down the valley we saw steamtrains coming inland from Minehead, and as we stood on a perfect circle made from broken stones, I had the feeling that this view seemed unchanged in 100 years. With no traffic noise, the steam from the trains, and expanses of green stretching in every direction, I could fool myself that we were far from 2012.
I was very happy there, and can't wait to go back in the Summer, as there is so much space in which to play and sunbathe. I could happily spend a day forgetting myself in the fields.