Monday, 24 May 2010


I love Lanzarote!
I've just got back from a week over there, where I was visiting an old and precious friend. It could not have been sweeter. Ada has a pool in her garden and a beach on her doorstep. She also has perfect skin, a beautiful heart and a very bright spirit.
We spent the first few days catching up, chilling out and waiting for my sister to appear from the ash cloud which had unhelpfully swallowed her up. In the meantime, I didn't give a single thought to the bad boys, scary no-work situation or massive to-do list left behind in England. My priorities were simply how often to reapply suncream and... oh no, there was only that one!
So when Lucy finally did appear on the magical island of lava, light and langoustines, Ada and I were ready for some action. We started drinking at lunchtime, and a few bottles of wine, lots of baby squid and some crazy karaoke later, Lucy and I found ourselves back in the flat in the early hours of the next day. Without Ada. We awoke to the sight of the world's hottest men, who insisted on making us tea and taking us to some special secret surf spot. We had a lot of fun, lounging around and translating for Ada and her hot new friend, who were interested in one another but unfortunately unable to speak the same language.
We were so impressed. By Ada and her ability to find such fitties, by the beauty of an island in the Atlantic, covered in lava, with smatterings of one story white houses around the edge, but mostly by the Ironmen. We were quite sad that the ash didn't prevent us from getting home, as the next day thousands of dedicated athletes would be swimming 4k, cycling over 100k and running a marathon. We'd watched them train throughout the week, complaining about the heat as we sat in the shade with a cold beer!
Lanzarote is an amazing place, and with Ada in it, it really is magical.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Walk, swim, run, cycle

After 4 days at home in Penzance, I feel like a new person!
My parents picked me up on their way through Bristol on Saturday. Friday had been my last day at work so I'd spent many hours in the pub afterwards, and could have done with a lie in, but was happy to forsake it in place of a free ride. We got to PZ in time for tea - supplied by my big sis who lives fairly nearby. We missed Lucy, as the bank holiday had brought the rest of us together (Mum n Dad, 3 girls, 3 babies).
Taking advantage of the free babysitting, Kate and I headed out for a drink. It's rare for the two of us to have any time together now there are babies and few hundred miles between us, so a glass of wine and a chat was welcome. Our high spirits were not at all reflected in our surroundings, however. Penzance was dead, and this is bank holiday weekend! Once again I remind myself not to move back any time soon!
Sunday, and we all met in sunny St Ives, to build sandcastles, paddle and splash. My first beach day this year - not a bad start to unemployment! As the evening set in I felt I couldn't really delay the start of the new me, and made the huge effort of running to Newlyn and back (around 4 miles/ 7k I'd guess).
Monday morning, another day off for us all, and I jumped out of bed and ran it all again! Then mum, Kate, baby Ella and I walked our way to Marazion, an easy and beautiful journey when the sun is shining. There's nothing quite like St Michaels Mount for making me feel at home. The blue sky and calm sea punctuated by the odd seagull, kitesurfer, or my personal favourite, a dog who cannot believe his luck at the huge expanse of sand and water to run and play in. This is how I like dogs best, from a happy and sweet smelling distance. In the evening the grown up girls headed to Truro for another not-so-wild night out. Bank holiday weekend and we had the bar to ourselves! How can Cornwall be so laid back it actually forgets to party?
I stayed over at Pippa's so that I could babysit Zac in the morning, and had a fabulous time tiring him out at the park. I can't really think of better company, as this child does not cry, question or demand. He simply smiles, coos and cuddles. Back on the train, and in the afternoon Mum n I walked from Pendeen to Portherris. A stunning sunny Cornish cove, just for us! I can't describe how fresh the air felt, how bright the hegderows and how sweet-smelling the gorse on the walk down. Forgetting the 10 months of fog and gloom, this would be a wonderful place to live!
Tuesday, my first real day off, as school is back on. I got Mum to myself again, and we hopped on our bikes and cycled to Prussia Cove. We happened across a car-boot on our way, and took in the festival atmosphere, as it was all sunny again, with people milling about and a background hum of generators. Down to the cove and I jumped into the sea for the first wild swim of the year. Refreshing! If you want to feel alive, I recommend cycling along the coast and jumping into freezing waters, shared only by a curious seal! We ate our pasties and hung out on the beach, reluctantly returning in time for me to catch my train back to Bristol. Time to face the unemployed facts. I think I'll just put a wash on, write to some friends, go shopping, drink coffee...
I'm planning to start a business, but not today!