Monday, 21 May 2012

Grampound Road

We stopped at Grampound Road for some of Katy's delicious cake and tea, and played in the garden with Oscar and Amelie, who were absolutely delightful. I just love toddlers. We gossiped and caught up, then had our fingers measured and discussed ideas as Katy is going to make our wedding rings. A wonderful end to a wonderful weekend. I am so blessed to not only have my own gorgeous family, but to be marrying into such a lovely one too.

Battery Rocks

An array of rocks, complete with rock pools surround the Jubilee Pool in Penzance, and provide a lovely spot for a picnic, pasty, beer or swim. They overlook St Michael's Mount and Mount's Bay, and are just where the Prom meets the town. We spent a happy lunchtime there on Sunday, playing I Spy and hanging out with my gorgeous nephews. I really didn't want to come away.

Penwith's best

Starting the day at the Prom, Penzance, we watched the Olympic torch race by, then ran up Chapel St to watch it changing hands at the top of Market Jew St. Then commenced a tour of the loveliest places to bring around 100 friends and family. Starting in Chapel St, we visited Penzance's oldest pub, then immediately ditched that idea due to its dubious stance on sustainability amongst other things. On the way out of Penzance we got caught up in the torch parade, and as we waved flags out of the open top of the car, we were cheered on our way. Our next stop saw us upgraded to the beautiful Sandbar at Praa Sands, well worth a visit any time as it looks immediately onto the beach. Just stunning. Next were two St Ives hotels, one much bigger than the other, with a better view and stunning wooded gardens. Eventually we made it to the Sandsifter in Hayle, which did not compare to the splendid Sandbar or the opportunities for fun in St Ives. A fab day finished off with one of my favourite activities, drinks and gossip around the kitchen table with family. Having also somehow found time to book a church, I feel we had a very successful day. How lucky to have so many stunning places to choose from!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday in Stroud

I was all ready to embark on a day of admin and sorting, when I realised I could see something rare and wonderful outside - the sun! So plans were scrapped and off we went towards Stroud, with the intention of checking out some art galleries. Most things in Stroud seem to be shut on a Sunday however, so we adjusted our plans once more and went for a roast in The Crown in Frampton Mansell. The service was great and the pub cosy, but before we finished our game of scrabble we were enticed out again by the sun and beautiful surroundings. We walked along a path, crossed the railway and entered a field with cows and a stream which looked a bit like paradise. I'm growing to love this area, and am very hopeful that we can move here soon.