Sunday, 5 June 2011


I am lucky enough to have a friend who lives on a boat, phones me up on a sunny day and invites me for lunch and trip down the river. She is based in Keynsham, so that's where I went on Saturday.
It was a really hot day, but a little windy with some clouds, so it was perfect really. The first task was to get the boat out of the marina, which involved one person steering and two people with mops in hand to brace the boat against any other boats before we crashed into them. It was nice to feel needed. Once safely out of the marina I sat outside and relaxed. Well, relaxed as much as is possible with low flying geese coming at full speed towards you! We chugged along past swans and signets, ducks and ducklings, until we got to Bitton, where we pulled up next to a pontoon for a lovely chicken salad lunch.
As we ate, teenagers were flinging themselves off the pontoon into the water, which was brave of them considering the water is cold and rather murky. I wasn't tempted to join them but I did dangle my feet in.
Just as the clouds came across it was time for me to head back and catch my train back to Bristol, where it was my turn to make a feast for friends. It was great to get a few hours out of my packed weekend to just sit and watch the world go by.