Sunday, 25 July 2010

Crummy beach

On a mission to escape the city, we headed to one of the nearest beaches - Aust and the Severn Estuary. It wouldn't have been my natural choice, but I was with a geologist, an artist, a very enthusiastic person (excited by anywhere) and a really nice person (not going to complain). So that's where we went, and I'm glad. It's weird. Kind of ugly, with the murky river, electricity pylons and traffic noise. But also kind of interesting. We wandered through some fields and along the path where the old ferry used to cross to get to Wales. Then I was instructed by Miss Enthusiastic to look out for fossils and nice rocks on the beach. This turned out to be an easy task, as the beach here is basically made from soft rocks that shatter as you walk across them. Most un-rock-like really, being all crumbly and blue or red, with the odd sparkly hard white one thrown in every so often. We enjoyed a picnic of bread, hoummus and kiwi fruit, took some photos and picked some blackberries. Then we headed back, pockets laden with our jurassic treasure. More of a school trip than a typical beach outing, but it's always good to change the scenery. In this case, especially if you're into surrealism.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Porth Kidney

The Summer gets filled up really quickly when you're not working, and it became apparent last week that my only time to fit in a trip to Cornwall is now. So I woke up in Penzance on Sunday morning and, after having applied for two jobs, felt a cliff walk was in order. I asked Mum to take me to somewhere I hadn't been before, and she didn't disappoint. We walked from Lelant to St Ives, along Porth Kidney and Carbis Bay, looking back over Gwithian and Godrevy. It's amazing how quickly you can feel a long way away from a city. School breaks up next week, so it was a good time to come, before the tourists take over! Gorgeous smells of wild flowers, stunning views of great expanses of sand and sea, all bathed in the beautiful Cornish light. There is so much space and beauty here, and suddenly I can't believe that school hasn't even broken up yet. I've done so much with my freedom already this Summer, and whether or not I get a job any time soon, I'm struck by the fact that I am still to share many spells of Summer happiness. How lucky I am to have family in Cornwall to visit. It makes going home all the more wonderful.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Carnival time!

You don't have to go far from my house to experience 70,000 people celebrating Afro-Caribbean culture by eating jerk chicken, drinking Red Stripe, dancing to sound systems on the street and throwing stuff on the floor. St Paul's Carnival happens on my doorstep (literally, as many a friend dropped in to use the loo, sit down for a moment or grab another beer), and it's a lot of fun. We were blessed with another gorgeous day, drawing long forgotten friends out from the cocoons of their cosy coupled lives, and the festival spirit hit the streets. We watched the parade, hung out in Portland Square, danced at the Malcolm X centre and ended up at the infamous Star and Garter, where a huge crowd refused to stop dancing as long as the tunes kept coming. A long, busy day, where I caught up with lots of great people and met some more. I love Bristol. This is why I can't stay away for long!